Ahhh, the most common question I get asked, usually when I am about to devour a slice of birthday cake or a cherry bakewell. Now, if you have ever asked a diabetic whether they can eat something that contained sugar don’t feel bad, they have only envisioned giving you a lengthy speech 3x over in their mind and potentially a Gibbs slap! (if you don’t know what that is Google NCIS Gibbs slap)

I joke, slightly, but its ok! I’m here to educate and inform you on why it frustrates us SO much.

Type One Diabetes doesn’t mean that we are now confined to the deep dark depths of no sweets, sugar or anything delicious, it just means that we need to make sure we give insulin to go with it and like everything, have sugar in moderations.

You see, there are usually two things we get asked when we first tell someone that we’re diabetic and it usually comes from people that have no clue what diabetes actually is & that’s ok, knowledge is key! But if you know about it and then still continue to ask these questions then you’ve just been promoted to the top of our hate list- I’m sorry but its true.

Another famous quote us diabetics are fed up of hearing is “But.. you’re too thin to have diabetes” or “So did you eat too much sugar as a kid?” first off diabetes isn’t picky, it doesn’t care whether you’re tall, short, how much you weigh or what your gender is as long as you have a pancreas! For a type one, diet is not the leading cause for your diagnosis and this is where people can get confused so let me explain.

There are two main forms of diabetes- Type 1 & Type 2 (there is also gestational but thats a conversation for another time). Type 1 diabetes is where your body starts to attack the cells in your pancreas, making it unable to produce insulin. Although there is no definitive reason as to why people get diagnosed with T1D it is nothing to do with their diet or lifestyle choices and as of current there is no cure. Around 8% of people living in the UK have T1D.[1]

Type 2 diabetes is more commonly known, with around 90% of diabetics in the UK having been diagnosed with it. It can be controlled in different ways whether this being insulin, making healthy lifestyle choices or by medication but this depends on how advanced the individuals type 2 diabetes is. There is also no cure for T2D as of yet but it can go into remission which means their blood sugar levels are healthy & they no longer need to take diabetes medication.[2]

It’s quite surprising how little people do know about diabetes and the different types which of course leads to multiple stereotypes, but this is the time to change those stereotypes! After all, it’s no ones fault if they don’t know. Before I was diagnosed if you had asked me what a diabetic is I would of looked at you like this:

Which is weird considering my Grampy has type 2 diabetes (sorry about that gramps). In my defence though I was 8 so if you had asked me what my parents were called I would of said their christian names were mum and dad, but thats not the point.

After all, if you don’t know anyone with diabetes then how are you meant to have the knowledge? Thats like asking someone who has just moved to your area to direct you to the nearest cafe – they wouldn’t have a clue!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting miracles but if you take anything away from reading this please let it be that Type One Diabetics can eat whatever we want to eat – as long as we have our insulin.

So, in saying this..

Until the next time,


[1] https://www.diabetes.org.uk/type-1-diabetes

[2] https://www.diabetes.org.uk/type-2-diabetes

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