It’s no surprise that I am prone to the lovely winter colds and flus. After all, my body did attack itself which essentially gave me Type 1 Diabetes, but it doesn’t half come as a shock to the system when I am actually ill and not “Sophie’s version” of ill.

In my almost 22 years of life, I’ve been quite fortunate to not be THAT ill. I’ve of course had the old sniffles here and there and a stomach bug, but nothing that has really left me sleeping for days.

This past week I have had, what can only be described as hell.

Ok, ok, I think that may be a tad dramatic, it was just the flu- thankfully a milder version as I had my flu jab back in November but nonetheless it didn’t half knock me for 6 I’ll tell you that for nothing.

The non-stop coughing, sweats, blowing my nose, loss of appetite, soup eating, croaky voice and crankiness I could deal with (just about) but the not being able to sleep… that’s a different story. I like to think of sleeping as my hobby, it’s something that I am pretty good at. No matter the place or time I can go for a nap. With the flu this was no exception, however it definitely became more difficult to have a cheeky snooze. Every time I would lie down I would start coughing which then made me super hot- it probably didn’t help that I was lying next to what can only be described as a human radiator!

Don’t get me wrong I love my fiancé but how on earth does he radiate so much heat? Is this a man thing? Or is it more of a couple thing where one of you has to be absolutely roasting 24/7 and the other freezing, does that make you more of a compatible match??

Forget star signs, this is how you find your soul mate nowadays! (might as well ask if they snore too whilst you’re at it).

Anyway, I have had quite a good control over my sugars before getting ill but I won’t beat around the bush. They have been out of control. Not even slightly- they have been completely up and down like a yo- yo. It doesn’t matter how much of a correction dose I give, my body is legitimately responding like this:

Every. Single. Time. Which undoubtedly makes me feel even worse.

Having sick days are one of the times where I really just cannot be bothered trying to even attempt controlling my sugar levels – obviously I check for ketones when my sugars are raised because this girl is not wanting to end up in DKA any time soon, but I personally think that my body is already fighting something, so it’s just going to fight whatever I try to do to help. I have to give lower doses when I’m ill because of this exact reason too, so if it wants to be a bit of a cow then go ahead.

Have you had any colds or flus to start off your year yet? If you have how did you deal with your sugar levels? Let me know by commenting below… along with any suggestions you have that will quickly get rid of this bug!

As always, thank you for reading and until the next time…

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