You can never really pin point when a low is going to come but you better believe that it will hit you at the WORST time. Well, that is exactly what happened to me last week and oh. my. gosh. was it a pain in the bum!

As always I need to bring a little bit of scene setting into this post so bear with..

Me and my best friend decided to go into town to do a bit of shopping, I drove, parked the car and headed into town. Surprisingly it wasn’t actually that busy which I was quite shocked about but nonetheless we decided to head to Primark. We had our baskets at the ready when I started to feel like I was going to faint so I scanned my sensor and funnily enough there it was, in a nice red background- 3.5.

At this point I started to get hot and sweaty so immediately looked around for somewhere to sit. I decided the closest place was a nice little pokey out step of the window display so I perked my bum down and swigged some Lucozade until the feeling would pass. I’m not one to feel awkward usually but when you have the preteens trying to do their shopping and I’m sat right in the way looking a bit worse for wear the awkwardness does tend to creep in I won’t lie.

Let me give you a bit of a backstory on Holly. I have known her for pretty much most of my life, she’s been there through absolutely everything including my diagnosis so she’s quite used to the lows I face and how to deal with them. Holly is also a prime shopper, I of course, am not. I showed hol my phone showing that I was low but was ok and sent her on her way to do some clothes shopping to which she happily agreed to but made it very clear if I needed to go home to let her know asap.

When my sugars started to rise I met up with Hol and we made our way to the changing rooms. Once again I felt that fainting feeling, thankfully there were some seats just outside the changing room so I asked the dad who was with his two kids if he minded me sitting on the end where a free seat was. As soon as I sat down the little boy quickly told me how the bags of chocolate that were occupying one of the seats weren’t his and were left there before which I must admit did make me chuckle!

One thing about Libre Sensors is that although they are easy and convenient they do have a small delay on what your sugars are actually doing so with that in mind I decided to manually blood test. To me, I didn’t really think twice about whacking my blood tester out and doing my bloods as when I was a child at all family parties my cousins would crowd around to watch me do it. It wasn’t something they saw every day and to them it was interesting. To me, it made me feel like a celebrity- if I was allowed to I would have signed their shirts too just to really add to my ego.

What I didn’t expect was that the little child (I say little but he must have been around 8) was just as inquisitive as my cousins were, he was asking me what it was, what I was doing and why I was doing it. He didn’t react in a mean or insulting way but instead wanted to know more! Of course I explained to him that I was diabetic and I had to check my sugars and his dad said that he has one too but he was type 2.

Of course, once the little boys brother realised he was asking lots of questions it was only natural that he did too- this is when I was then getting asked all about what pets I had, their names and even how old they were! Both children looking at me with wide eyes eagerly awaiting my response.

Not too much later the children’s mums came out of the changing room to which she instantly asked her son to move back and reminded him of personal space.

I thought it was sweet how much this child wanted to comprehend what I was doing, he wasn’t afraid to ask questions which is quite admiral especially in this day and age where the majority of people don’t seem to want to expand their knowledge or learn.

As diabetics we are faced with a lot of judgement and criticism. The glares we get when doing our insulin or grimaces when we check our sugars. It makes us want to hide away. This little boy & his parents made a difference that day, whether they knew it or not and I think that’s pretty cool.

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