Every time I leave the house I do this mental check list in my head, I go through everything thats meant to be in my bag and check it off to prevent leaving one of my essentials behind. I wasn’t always like this though, I used to just always leave everything in my bag, zipped up but after one particular incident I couldn’t leave my house UNTIL I had done the checklist.

Now, usually when you leave something behind you would just nip back and get it right? or just leave it behind seeing as it wasn’t exactly an important item. Well, I would do that too but in this particular circumstance the item was my tester and it was 3 hours away… panic mode activated.

Let me set the scene for you. I was about 10/11 and we were all travelling to Scotland to visit my auntie, this was around about a 6 hour journey in the car so usually we stop off half way in to get a drink, have a wee and I would have a little peruse around the service stations to find a magazine whilst sheepishly walking back to dad in attempt to get him to buy it.

Whilst we were in the cafe I did my usual routine of checking my sugars and having a bit of insulin to cover the pancakes that I was about to devour faster than the time it took me to convince dad to also get the snacks for the last part of the journey. After I did my sugars I wasn’t really paying attention and just dropped my tester into my bag and didn’t think twice. Looking back obviously this was completely ridiculous but what can I say? In that moment the pancakes had gone straight to my head…

Once we had finished our brekkie we made our way back to the car and set off on the last part of our journey which was around 3 hours. We made it to Dumfries and pulled up in my aunties drive, I went to test my sugars as it was almost lunch time and realised my tester wasn’t there. Before I decided to tell my dad I took everything out and rummaged around the back seat just to make sure it was at this point I realised that when I had ‘dropped’ it in my bag it must of just been sat on the top and not physically INSIDE so the moment I picked my bag up it would of fallen out.

It’s important to note that before I made the executive decision to tell someone what had happened I was sat in the back of the car like this:

The moment I told my dad what happened he had a mixture of emotions which all panned out in about 30 seconds, first was his confusion which resulted In the repeated questions of “Are you sure?” “Where is it?” Which I replied to with “Yes & I don’t know”. Next was his anger which I have to admit, when my dad is angry he isn’t scary but more so I can never really take him seriously just because he very rarely gets angry at me (that and his Scottish accent comes out when he’s mad so I can’t really understand him all that well). After the anger kicked in it was then the worry, I mean you can’t really blame the man, after all we were in Scotland and had absolutely no idea where we were going to get another one from at such short notice.

Thankfully my auntie and uncle knew exactly where the Drs surgery was & we drove down there straight away. I can’t quite remember exactly what happened but I know that within 10 minutes I had been given another tester, a spare tester and even some supplies to ensure that whilst I was there we didn’t run low on anything. When the dr asked what happened I could feel my dad and step-mums eyes burning into the back of my head, it probably didn’t help that I tried to make a joke out of the situation – I’ve never really been good at sensing the right and wrong time to make jokes.

One of the most prominent times this happened was when I was asked by one of my doctors what my pancreas function was like and I said “Pretty bad considering I’m diabetic”. I mean, how was I meant to know that the pancreas still does stuff? I thought that boat had sailed YEARS ago.

After this happened I do think that it set the stage for our bad luck in Scotland, the years that followed consisted of:

  • My dad choking in Morrisons
  • Shutting my finger in the car door, lying down outside a nursing home and then getting wheeled in there
  • My dad breaking his tooth and having to get an emergency dental appointment

But you know what they say! Bad luck happens in threes so hopefully we are clear now… Then again, I lose my house keys every other day so I guess not.

The moral of the story is always check your bag before you leave and dont be lazy like me.

Thankfully though on the way back home (this was about 4 days later mind you) we popped in to the same service station to see if it had been handed in and one of the lovely staff had picked it up and kept it aside, in case we were to return. So, if you were working that day in a service station that I can’t remember the name of almost 9-10 years ago I just want to say,

And to my lovely readers, as always thank you for taking the time to read this post. Until the next time…

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