If you ever hear this out of context and you’re not diabetic or a parent to a diabetic it can mean something entirely different to what you may think.

This question is usually asked when I’m switching from one conversation to another really fast or just not making any sense in what I’m saying or even doing, this is usually when my sugars are above 19mmol! I can always tell when my sugars are high, Usually when they’re around 17-18mmol, I am just SO tired, I tend to take myself to bed and have quite a nice little nap when that happens (whilst waiting for the insulin to kick in).

Another tell tale sign is when I need to pee an abnormal amount of times even though I haven’t drank that much fluids. The most common symptom I get from having bouts of high blood sugar is thrush- this symptom is probably the most annoying out of all of them because it can be so painful! Not to mention the medicine you need to take can be quite expensive!

By the way, if you ever catch me staring at something like this there is a high chance that my sugars are high.

However, when you’re hyperglycaemic through the night that is the worst! You see, when I haven’t given enough long acting insulin to tide me through the night or I haven’t given insulin with a snack- I will definitely know about it. I will have the most weird and random nightmares. They aren’t so much scary like you would think but more so, just completely and utterly random.

The thirst that you face is one like no other either! If you know me personally then you know that I loathe water, I dont know what it is but I just can’t stand the stuff- give me squash or Diet Coke and I will drink that in the pints – even flavoured sparkling water but regular water? No chance. Unless my sugars are high, in that case water is the most delicious drink that has ever blessed my lips.

The best visual representation of this feeling that I have found to date is this lovely snapshot from Spongebob:

It’s no secret that I can be a tad dramatic when it comes to describing things but all my fellow diabetics will definitely agree that this GIF is EXACTLY how it feels when we have high sugar levels.

However, when my sugars are low (hypoglycaemia or hypo as its commonly known) that is a whole other story!

When I’m low I will eat anything and everything in sight along as it is sweet I will be eating it. This of course starts the cycle of my sugars then raising but in that moment it is worth it.

I do also start to become a little irrational when it comes to my emotions, I tend to get easily annoyed/moody and my responses to questions tend to be very short. This is something that others have picked up on which is quite helpful as sometimes I don’t realise I’m being moody or having a hypo until it coincides with other signs.

Another tell tale sign for me personally is that if my sugars are dropping quite quickly my heart will race and i will sweat. However, it doesn’t help that both these signs can either be my anxiety or low blood sugar so it’s always a 50/50 chance. Having the libre sensor does help massively though as I can just scan my arm which helps distinguish what it actually is!

Thankfully, I do have good awareness of hypos. I know that this can wear as you get older but currently I am glad that if I were to have a hypo whilst sleeping my body will wake me up! When I wake up I am usually covered in sweat but I am so grateful that my body is able to do what it does.

It is important to note that if you are with a diabetic and they faint DO NOT risk it and ring 999 straight away. Explain that you are with a type one diabetic and they have fainted. Even though they could have passed out from a range of reasons it’s better to be safe than sorry! If they are carrying glucagel and you know how to use it this must be administered immediately. I’ll insert a photo of glucagel so you know what I’m talking about!

Whilst It is not unusual for diabetics to faint (we are human after all) it could be because their sugars are very low or very high which can be so dangerous! I remember fainting in one of the stores by me it was called the ‘What! Store’, I was with my mum and there were a LOT of people so it was very crowded and I was on my period so that most definitely didn’t help. We were waiting in a queue and I also was suffering from low blood pressure at the time so by standing still in a hot shop wearing my coat with people all around I began to feel a little light headed but thought that it would pass so ignored it, within a couple of seconds my mum turned round to me and asked if I was ok because I looked pale.

Before I had the chance to answer I woke up on the floor with my mum leaning over me in a panicked state asking (with a very raised voice should I add) if I was ok. The first thing I said when I woke up was “Please stop shouting”. Thankfully even though my mum isn’t good under pressure, her head was most definitely screwed on. She got the glucogel out of my bag and administered it, told the staff to ring 999 and asked everyone to give us a bit of breathing space. After a thorough check over by the lovely ambulance staff we were given the all clear and were reassured that we did the right thing. All things considered it was a pretty alright day, when I got home I got to spend the day chilled out with the tv on and according to mum we got the shopping for free! (I do think she told me a cheeky little lie about this though so I wouldn’t feel embarrassed)

Anyway, as always thank you for reading and until the next time…

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