My story

Hi! I’m Sophie & I’ve been a Type One Diabetic for 14 years!

​There is no other feeling than coming across a fellow diabetic- whether you are out and about, eating dinner in a restaurant or even at the movies!

That excitement and pure joy of having someone you can speak with about the frustrations you face, your HBA1C results as well as your recent achievements and knowing that you will be 100% understood is one of a kind.

This blog is exactly that but an online version. Here I will be sharing my story-My frustrations, my experiences, the highs and the lows. (Pun intended) 

Diabetes can be incredibly lonely at times but trust me when I say there is a world of support out there and you are most definitely not alone.

So in saying this… 

Grab a cuppa, some biccies and your best comfy clothes, we have a lot to talk about!

Hiyaa! I'm glad you're here!

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