Now, before I delve into this story, I think I should probably explain the title… No, this is not a rip-off of one of those reality TV shows (I do think it would sell quite well though, if I were to pitch this to Netflix, I won’t tell a lie).

Instead, this is a very true story that almost 5 years later, I can look back and laugh at; just how crazy this experience was. For my family however, take this with a pinch of salt and chuckle in the fact that it could only happen to me ay!

Anyway, let’s dive right in…

I was 17 years old, and my 18th birthday was fast approaching. I hadn’t really had any ideas on what I wanted to do for this big birthday, but as I was going to become a legal adult I thought I might as well go big or go home, which is when I had the fabulous idea of going to the one and only Magaluf.

I had been there before on a couple of holidays, but never without the comforts of my family so this was a new thing to me. Within a couple days of cooking up this plan, myself and a friend went into town, booked the holiday, flights, hotel etc and begun to count the days until I was in sunny Spain. The time finally came and before I knew it, I was stepping off the plane and getting the wave of heat thrown in my face.

After a short taxi ride we arrived at our hotel, our room was the same as any other- crisp white sheets, two single beds, en suite and a little balcony that overlooked the pool and outside bar. We got changed from our jeans into something more cooling and headed down to the beach. I was so excited, in a mere 10 hours I was going to be 18 and my life was only just starting.

Once we had we settled in and had a little wonder around the shops, it was time to go and reign in my birthday the best we could in Magaluf… in the clubs! Of course, as I was a mere 3 hours away from legally being allowed to enter the clubs, we decided to sit at a pub and patiently wait until midnight.

Walking down the strip was a very new experience for both of us but nonetheless it was so exciting. The lights and music booming was like nothing else we had experienced. Not to mention the amount of reps that were stood outside shouting and giving us leaflets. The first club we entered wasn’t what we had in mind at all so we did a quick 180 and toodled on down to the next where we were handed a leaflet for a free shot- “free” being the word that we actually took note of in that situation. A few shots, Malibu’s and diet coke (and a cheeky dance on the table) later we went outside for some fresh air (cheeky drunken smoke).

Without delving into all of the details this is when I lost – yes lost – my tester, insulin, phone and ID – lost isn’t really the word I would use to be honest, considering someone decided to take our bags but I guess it was just unlucky that the diabetic had hers taken!

Straight away I had my mini panic – I had just lost the photos we had taken on my 18th Birthday!!!

That, and my literal life source had been taken in a blink of an eye.

We went back to the hotel and tried to explain to the reception man that we had just been mugged and needed to go home – my mum always told me never to take all of my money with me at once so thankfully I had some stashed in my suitcase back at the hotel – cheers mum for that one!

The next step was to get to the hospital and figure out how the heck I am going to get insulin and a tester at 3 o’clock in the morning…

As with anything though, I can’t tell you straight away! I have to leave you wanting more…

So with that in mind, join me for my next post to find out what happened next – I will give you a spoiler though. I am still here today to tell the tale so it wasn’t all that bad!

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