It’s that time of year again ALREADY, It feels like I have just blinked and we are almost in 2022… how crazy is that!

If I reflect on this year a lot has happened- I got engaged, moved house, started this blog, completed my apprenticeship AND securing a job at the end of it! Not forgetting to mention that I have featured in JDRF! How awesome is that?! (You better believe I am going to link it below)

As Smash Mouth says the years start coming and they most definitely don’t stop coming…

As with anything though 2021 has come with it’s fair share of stress and difficulties, for starters having to relearn how to carb count again. I had a dietitian appointment last week and received my latest HBA1C results – 68. I thought FAB, look at me, I truly am on top of my game, there is no stopping me now – expert type one right here!

They were the best results I had in a while. However, a little fact that is worth noting is that if you’re wanting to become a mum they need to be a lot lower than that… more like 48-51. Now this is where the reality hit me, I had to actually start counting the carbs that I ate and working out the amount of insulin to give which included

Oh, I don’t know if I can even say it…..



I don’t know what it is with numbers but my brain just cannot function when I try to do any sort of equation including one ON the calculator. I guess that’s why I’m probably not that good at saving (that’s the excuse I’m going to use anyway). Don’t get me wrong though, I can do simple maths like 9 + 2 but when it comes to having to actually add up the amount I’m going to eat and then divide that by my set ratios and figure out the correction dose to incorporate in the sum lets just say I probably should of taken advantage of those extra maths lessons in school.

I guess it was the reality of the situation that took me by surprise, don’t get me wrong, I knew that because I am diabetic it means there are more risks to both me and the baby if I were lucky enough to conceive but for the past 14 years everything has been muscle memory – like driving a car, I don’t even think about taking any injections or correction doses and now I have to think about EVERYTHING.

But you know what? I know that it will all be worth it.

This Christmas alone has been a bit of a mental one though sugars wise, I simply cannot resist those yearly choccies that get dished out and for the most part I bolus for them but there is the odd occasion where I get so lost in the conversations that I don’t realise how much chocs I have actually scoffed until I start to feel a bit weird and ready for a nap, that’s when I know its time to recheck. It’s also important to note that if you’re particular to a cheeky glass of wine or for me this year, rose Prosecco you need to remember to have a nighttime snack because I can guarantee that you’ll end up hypoing! I most definitely do.

The next few days for me I know is going to be hectic but with it all comes the opportunity to spend time with family that I haven’t seen all year and that is the best part of this time of year!

Whatever your plans are this festive season I hope you have a fab time!

And as always, thank you for reading…

From my family to yours,

Merry Christmas and I hope you have an amazing new year.

Here’s to 2022…

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